Leadership: The Warrior's Art
'Wow! What a Book! … The absolute best book on Military Leadership in peace and war I have ever read.' -- Lieutenant General Harold Moore (USA, Ret), author of "We Were Soldiers Once … And Young"
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Leadership: The Warrior's Art
by Barry R. McCaffrey (Foreword), Christopher D. Kolenda (Editor), Lt. Gen. Walter F. Ulmer (Introduction) read more...
Foreword by Gen. Barry R. McCaffrey, USA (Ret.)
Contributors include Gen. Gordon Sullivan, former U.S. Army Chief of Staff; Conrad Crane; Fred KaganThis bold, wide-ranging collection brings together some of the most noted military minds, past and present, to examine the crucial role of leadership in combat. Written while Christopher Kolenda was a faculty member in the history department at West Point, it covers both classic and modern concepts of leadership and uses case studies from Alexander the Great through World War II to illustrate principles of leadership in concrete historical contexts.
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